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Founded in Feb 2017, Graphyke is an end to end school essential manufacturing and supply company which deals in School uniform | School Bags | Shoes | Stationary | Office Supplies & Office Printing Solutions.

Manufacturing - Graphyke under its brand name Oowly manufacture and sell custom designed school uniform and school bags as per school requirements.

Supplies - A part from manufacturing Graphyke supplies stationary and shoes procured from known brands such as Faber Castell, Hindustan Pencils, Asian shoes, Rex Shoes and Adidas Shoes

Office Printing Solutions - Graphyke also provides on demand designing and printing of paper based products such as leaflets, school almanac, office printing supplies, student i-cards, brochures etc.


Regular School Uniform
Shirt | Pant | Denim | Box Pleated Skirts| Pinafore | Tunic | Sawar | Tie | Belt | Socks
Sports Uniform
Round Neck & Collar t-shirts - Cotton | PC Metti | Honey Comb | Track Pant
Winter Wear
Hooded jackets | V Neck Sweaters | Front open sweaters for girls
School Bags
Small | Medium | Large | Extra Large sizes
Black/ white with velcro and lace - Regular | Gola | Custom designed canvas shoes with house colour
Stationary & Printing
Notebooks with school branding | Pencils, crayoon colours | Office printing supplies | Student i-cards


★ Get rid of finding, negotiating and managing multiple vendors ★ No more stock holdings ★ Smoothing operations during and after sales of product
Graphyke works on two models for distribution of uniform:

Direct selling to school

  1. Graphyke delivers uniform to school and school manages distribution
  2. Graphyke sets stall in school and manages only distribution based on receipts parents receive when they pay in advance to school

Selling through store – within 3 KMs of school premises

  1. Graphyke sell uniform directly to parents and offer royalty to school
  2. Graphyke only manages distribution from store based on receipts parents receive when they pay in advance to school



Nagesh Fadnavis
Rutuja Fadnavis
Richa Sethi
Educational Adviser
Varadarajan Sridharan